Vintage Nomadic Flatweave-Square 120x128cm | Rug# 10505

Vintage Nomadic Flatweave-Square 120x128cm, a decorative flatweave rug in square shape to put on top of a nomadic Korsi
Circa 1960,
Afshari village,
Fine wool, Rare & collectable,
size 120×128 cm

korsi or korsí (Persian: کرسی) is a type of low table found in Iran, with a heater underneath it, and blankets were thrown over it. It is a traditional item of furniture in Iranian culture. A family or other gathering sits on the floor around the korsi during the winter. Vintage Nomadic Flatweave Square 120×128cm

A Certificate of authenticity & valuation for this rug will be sent to the buyer after the purchase.

All our rugs are professionally washed and in the case of old pieces, they are restored if necessary.


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