Majid’s visit to Berlin Carpet Museum

Majid's visit to Berlin Carpet Museum

Majid’s visit to Berlin Carpet Museum in 2015

Museum Island, In Berlin’s busy Mitte, is an island of calm and grandeur, despite the crowds which gather most mornings to visit the three museums overlooking the banks of the Spree. Here the Pergamon Museum houses one of the most impressive and extensive collections of Islamic Art in Europe. From a stunning reconstruction of the decorative buildings of Aleppo to the marvellous and imposing Ishtar Gate of Babylon, this collection reveals the long and glorious history of places now more well-known as current global ‘trouble spots. photos on this page are taken by me.

You can find more verity of photographs of the beautiful carpets in this museum in the link below:

We do have many revival design carpets woven of museum piece patterns using vegetable dyes and made to a special order by us in remote regions of Afghanistan and Samarkand in Uzbekistan.

Please check our album on Antique revivals in the Flickr-link on our website:

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